Global DJ Broadcast

Global DJ Broadcast November 06 2014, GDJB (06.11.2014)
Global DJ Broadcast October 30 2014, GDJB (30.10.2014)
Global DJ Broadcast October 23 2014 (incl. Mark Sixma Guestmix), GDJB (23.10.2014)
Global DJ Broadcast October 16 2014, GDJB (16.10.2014)


  1. Antworten
    1. we had to say good by to future GDJB Uploads - unfortunately we do not have enough time anymore to upload all other sets, thank you for your understanding

  2. please KEEP markus schulz!
    we like his gdjb because he does NOT talk too much (NO interview, NO personal phone calls or other bullshit like that) - in his show, it's about music only, not talking (other djs are already getting on our nerves with their 'behind the scenes' and 'fame talk')
    markus schulz just plays MUSIC, GOOD MUSIC.
    I can hear most of his shows multiple/endless times - while armin van buuren gets on my nerves on/at the 2nd time - he's talking too much, the 2nd time you listen to his show you always remember 'ah, I heard that TALK before', and that breaks the 'state of trance show' for me... but I can listen to markus schulz show 10 times in a row before a SONG might get on my nerves. see the TALK / SONG difference now? please drop some other dj, but keep him!

    1. I see what you mean and understand it!

      We will be uploading GDJB soon again. Unfortunately we do not have time yet to upload all sets we were uploadung some time ago!

      We cannot stop uploading ASOT, due to the fact that most people listen to it - it is never possible to please everyone :/

      However please stay tuned...

      GDJB will RETURN!!! Do not worry (we just don't have the time at the moment)

  3. LOL please do not stop uploading asot (i never said that) - I'm listening to armin van buuren since the early beginning and I am VERY HAPPY that you offer his mixes regulary (THANK YOU! for your time & work! I/we come here every week) - and that's why I know gDJb is the perfect combination to asot...

    DANKE :-)

    1. It is always nice to hear some positive feedback!! THANK YOU!!!

      Who said we are going to stop uploading ASOT ;)

      As stated above GDJB will RETURN!!! :)) just be patient

  4. hey, it's me again (I did the 2 anon entries above) - you can delete this comment after reading because it's just a personal message for *you* (from one trance lover to another) - remember how I was talking about 'too much talking' in these radio-shows? hey, please check out this:
    please do *yourself* a favour and download some of her .mp3 (look for the 'DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE 2 HOUR SHOW'-links) - I do not know why I found her that late (she also has around ~690 episodes), but it's:
    PURE trance, NO talking.

    I am loving it & I bet ALL IN you will love it too...

    please see this message as a 'thank you' for your website here,
    have a blast! :-)